Amazon Alternatives

TLDR; consumerism = bad, shopping on amazon = bad, impulse buys/black friday = bad… the websites below = good! Like a lot of people, I have concerns about capitalism and globalism in the ways that it has begun to reshape our world. I would say that my concerns are more or less average in their … Continue reading Amazon Alternatives

Trends in Bicycle Accidents

Trends in bicycle accident-related traffic accidents in the city of Denver, Colorado; from 2012 to 2018. All vector data acquired through the city of Denver’s Open Data Catalogue. Basemap data obtained from Google Maps via QMS in QGIS. The darkened region of the map shows the extent of ‘Denver proper’ that is, the official city … Continue reading Trends in Bicycle Accidents


Over the last couple of years I have begun writing some of my ideas down in the form of a blog. It started on my art website and mostly related to art-centered ideas and concepts of personal perspective, creativity, finding meaning in life and other such inquiries. The more I wrote, the more I realized … Continue reading Welcome…

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