Student of life.


M.Sc. – Environmental Risk · United Nations University + University of Bonn · 2021

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Click here to access my resume/CV and bio; this page includes a preview of my research interests, experience, hobbies and prospective career outlook.

Academic Writing

Click here to access a list of my unpublished academic papers, including my bachelor’s thesis; which can be downloaded in PDF formats.

GIS Portfolio

Click here to view my working-GIS portfolio which includes both vector-based mapping techniques and remote sensing projects.

The Abstract Atlas

  • What is the Abstract Atlas?
    In short, the Abstract Atlas is my way of organizing and connecting the work that I do both as a geographer and as an artist. It is somewhat, though not […]
  • Welcome…
    Hi. My name is Elaine.. Over the last couple of years I have begun writing some of my ideas down in the form of a blog. It started on my […]