Geographer by trade, artist by choice; a native Texan, currently pursuing a master’s of science at the University of Bonn + United Nations University in Bonn, Germany. I completed my bachelors degree in Environmental Science and GIS at the University of Colorado. Areas of research interest include remote sensing analysis, mountain geomorphology & climatology, coastal change analysis, ENSO and tropical cyclone activity. Areas of personal interest include painting, making music, making messes, reading, climbing, hiking, camping, working with my hands, thrifting, and leaving no stones unturned in my search for the meaning of life.

Click here to download a copy of Elaine’s Bachelor’s thesis;
Honors Thesis – Elaine Wendt, 2018

Click here to view academic papers written by Elaine.
Academic Papers 2018-2020 (coming soon).

Click here to download a copy of Elaine’s resume;
Elaine Wendt, CV 2020

LinkedIn page can be found here.

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