M.Sc student – Environmental Risk & Security
United Nations University -EHS + Universität Bonn

Born and raised in Houston – Texas, I spent 5 years living and working in Boulder, Colorado where I completed my bachelors degree in environmental science with a specialzation in GIS and remote sensing at the University of Colorado. While my bachelors thesis examined students understanding of food waste and composting, much of my interests during this time were primarily within the realm of land cover change and geospatial analysis through programs like Envi, ArcGIS, ArcScene and QGIS.

In 2019, I began my masters at the United Nations University + University of Bonn in the Environmental Risk and Human Security program in Bonn, Germany; wherein I am conducting research that focuses on geospatial analysis of environmental degradation, hazard and risk analysis in the Alps (Hohe Tauern region) of East Tyrol, Austria. The project is led by Dr. Prof. Lothar Schrott (Universität Bonn) and Dr. Mostapha Harb (UNU-VARMAP). Investigation into patterns of permafrost distribution and potential degradation is aided both by remote sensing data as well as field data collected in September of 2020. Methodologies used in study include electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), borehole drilling, differential GPS (dGPS) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) 3D point cloud data.

I am a native English speaker, fluent in German and proficient in Spanish. My personal interests include reading, painting, music, writing, bikes, climbing, camping and working with my hands. If I were an animal, I’d probably be a mountain goat. If I could share a conversation with any person, dead or alive, I would have to say Carl Sagan. And if I had to describe myself in three words, they would be: curious, creative, humanist.