Here you can find a selection of projects, completed during my bachelors, masters as well as ongoing ones. Click on the link to view each project.


Opportunities and Limitations of Coastal Wetlands in Reducing Risk Due to Sea Level Rise
August, 2020

Tropical Cyclones in the Context of Global Environmental Hazards
September, 2020

Changing Rates of Erosion and Denudation in Mountain Systems
July, 2020

masters thesis

Initial Report and Documentation of Field Work in the Tyrol Region of the Austrian Alps

(note, final thesis has not yet been completed, this is simply an intial report of methodology)


Case Study: Trends in Bicycle Accidents in Denver, CO
May, 2018

Permafrost and Rock Glacier Degradation Monitoring in the Tyrol Region of Austrian Alps
September, 2020

A Brief Overview of Health Facilities in Cameroon
Fall, 2019

Bachelors Thesis

Understanding Students’ Perception of Food Waste Recycling Programs
April, 2018