“I like to think that the aim of my work as a environmentalist, as a geographer, as a researcher and as a teacher of yoga, are not altogether seperate from the work I produce as an artist.”

The themes and techniques which I use in my artwork represent an acceptance of nature, as it exists. Allowance for beingness and the is-ness of the natural world provides a place of peace for me as an artist, and hopefully for anyone who sees my work. I work to create art in a space of not only thematic harmony with nature but also physically; using many secondhand materials, self-made tools and minimal amounts of toxic paints and synthetic chemical mediums.

Elaine is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Germany. Mediums include acrylic, oil, pastel on canvas, photography, music, ceramics, wood and sometimes a sewing machine.

‘Memory of a Sea Breeze’ 2018, mixed media on canvas, E. Wendt