Hi. My name is Elaine.. Over the last couple of years I have begun writing some of my ideas down in the form of a blog. It started on my art website and mostly related to art-centered ideas and concepts of personal perspective, creativity, finding meaning in life and other such inquiries. The more I wrote, the more I realized that these two burning passions of art and nature were incredibly complementary, and what I wanted to write on my art blog began to expand and bleed into my work as a scientist and geographer. I realized it would make more sense to have a blog that focused on these other concepts which I am also incredibly passionate about. I am currently working on my master’s of science at the United Nations University & the University of Bonn in Bonn, Germany and do a fair amount of writing and research which does not, at the moment, get published.

So here I will post some of my work that I feel compelled to share. It is not officially affiliated with either the UN-EHS or the University of Bonn; but rather is simply some of the work of one of their students. And I hope to use this as a platform not only for one-way information sharing, but to share information with people who might be able to start conversations about our planet with some of us who inhabit it. I will only cite credible peer-reviewed papers as sources for scientific information, but may occasionally reference news articles, when relevant.

In this time as an international student, it has been my experience that we are all caretakers of this beautiful planet on which we live. We all have unique voices and ideas about how to spend on our time here, but we are all brothers and sisters of the same family; we may have different colors of skin, or hair, we might have different mother tongues, but we all speak the language of the earth.

Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and you will receive a notificaiton in your email each time I post something new. Thanks for stopping by…

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